A Balancing Act for Employees

This month we published our most recent Captivate Office Pulse study on Homing from Work. Homing from Work is the latest trend among overworked employees forced to bring their home-life into the workplace. Key homing from work activities include…

1)      Using your company internet access to shop and surf

2)      Running out throughout the day to run errands

3)      Shopping at stores near work during lunch and other breaks

Amazingly, over 80% and growing do at least some of these and one in five do all three in a typical week. All of this has been growing over the past two years at a pace similar to the growth in the length of the workday (from 8.5 hrs to 9 hrs a day).

So with all the personal activities taking place in the workplace or throughout the workday, which advertisers are best suited to benefit from workplace advertising?

1)      Nearly 100% of employees have access to the Internet at work so e-tailers have an immediate and significant opportunity to develop workplace campaigns to attract shoppers on their way back into the office


  • Travel sites (including airline, hotel and car rentals)
  • Financial (transactional and advisory)
  • Clothing, gifts and accessories


2)      Retailers have inherently benefited from locations near heavy populated workplaces in metro areas. However, with developing channels and increased competitive environments, retail advertisers are increasingly in need for delivering geographically targeted communications. Leading the way for retail are:


  • Clothing
  • Food / groceries


3)      Providers of everyday necessities as well as life and leisure activities have a tremendous opportunity to establish a new means of communications with employed professionals seeking:


  • Vacations
  • Doctors and medicine
  • Insurance and other security products
  • Financial and other investment services
  • Personal shipping and mailing services
  • Career advancement, dating and continuing education

Our newest homing from work report addresses these and other workplace advertising opportunities