Conforming to the guidelines of the DPAA, Office Pulse regularly commissions Nielsen to report on Captivate’s audience through intercept studies and traffic measurement. Each quarter, Captivate’s audience is upadated and reported on in Nielsen’s Fourth Screen Report. In addition, Nielsen reports on captivate’s audience each month via a Pocketpiece on Nielsen’s Website.

DPAA Guidelines

Each network within the Digital Place-Based industry is encouraged to adopt the DPAA measurement guidelines. Captivate first adopted this methodology in May, 2009. The measurement among participating networks is consistent across the industry. It includes three major components. First, a network must commission a third-party research firm to calculate that network’s vehicle traffic (the number of times that people are within the viewing zone of their screens). Secondly, the research firm must report on the percentage of the traffic that notices the screen. And third, the research firm must report on the dwell time of the people that notice the screens. Once measured, the dwell times is divided by the network’s loop length to determine that number of people that noticed the screens and were present long enough to see the entire rotation of advertisements. Captivate audience is as follows:

Most Recent Findings

20 Day Campaign

United States


Venue Traffic (in building)



Vehicle Traffic (in elevator)



Notice (audience)



Dwell Time / Loop Length

(4.0 min./6 min.)

 (3.8 min./6 min.)

Gross Impressions



Source: Nielsen, October 30th, 2011

(802 venues)

(190 venues)