Affluent executives still see need for personal interaction in today’s digital world

A recent report looking at significant aspects of affluent executives’ behavior revealed that they value coworker recommendations and face-to-face interactions more than most workers when it comes to making purchasing decisions.

Affluent executives are 140% more likely than other professionals to make a $500+ purchase from a coworker recommendation. However, they are particular about where their information comes from.

They find text messages and banner ads the least trustworthy forms of advertising and are much more likely than most to take a recommendation given in person or on the phone.

Affluent executives are also less likely to spend time on social networking sites. Over half of all professionals spend at least 2 hours a week on social networking activities, but only 29% of affluent execs reported spending that much time connecting online.

So what’s going on with these execs? Couple their propensity for personal recommendations with their lack of social networking, and it seems that these executives still value a sense of face-to-face interaction most.