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Our story on Tech Envy this month features the feelings felt by many of us in the white collar world without the latest and greatest technology. We generally listen intently to our co-workers as they describe how their lives are improved by their new flat screen, GPS, ereader or tablet. We sometimes gawk at others video conferencing or face timing into their iPhone or watch amazed as presentations are given over a tablet. What most people don’t understand is how quickly and easily we are transformed into tech junkies ourselves. Why? Simply this, our co-workers are very willing to offer up a test drive of their technology.

Consider this. A year ago I had a recycled laptop, a company cell phone (without a camera), an MP3 player with Pirates of the Caribbean pictured on it and way too many tube TV’s to count. Now, a year later, I have an iPad, iPhones for the whole family, a flat screen, a new laptop with a built in camera, and an external hard-drive to back up all the family photos and whatnot. Although I refuse to get a GPS (I still can’t pronounce Garmin) and still use the Pirates of the Caribbean MP3 player, I’m pretty loaded with technology. One of the main reasons to get all this stuff? Co-worker envy and embarrassment.

Our story and summary report explains that the number of people exposed to technology at work surpasses the number exposed outside of work. In addition to seeing others playing with their personal technology, working consumers are offered the chance to try it, ask questions about it, and get referrals on the latest and greatest technology.

Finally, our report also covers in some detail the number of different places people use their favorite technology. This includes the bedroom, public restrooms, on their commute, in the company kitchen and more. While it would be easy to write a separate blog on the inappropriate use of technology, I will refrain for now. Needless to say, I will not be taking my iPad in the bathroom. Although, a new ereader may make some sense.


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