Open Enrollment Decisions Are Impacted by Co-Workers

Young Professionals Seek Co-Workers Recommendations during Open Enrollment

Open enrollment can be a tough time for employees, especially with the evolving coverage options and continuing changes in health care policies. As companies provide materials and communications to their employees with greater care, there are additional factors that influence employees when making their decisions beyond coverage and price. First, an employee’s changing personal needs tops this list at 28%. Among employees with young children, this factor becomes even more important (+26%).    Next on the list, communications from the employer at 26%. These communications become most important to women in administrative positions (+14%).  Another important factor in the workplace when it comes to enrollment decisions is coworkers’ recommendations. Approximately 14% of all employees count on these recommendations to get the through the enrollment process and as many as one in three young professional men do the same.

Here’s the profile of the employees most likely to see advice – indexed vs. those that do not seek advice from co-workers.

Name Co-Worker Recommendations as a Factor in the Enrollment Process

Gender – Male


DMA – Los Angeles, CA


DMA – Boston, MA


Occupation – Professional


Industry – Technology/Electronics


Marital Status – Never Married


Household – No Kids Under 18


Age – 21 – 34



Advertisers sometimes overlook the influence of co-workers and the susceptibility of decision-makers at the workplace. In this case, insurance providers looking to acquire and upgrade members can do well to reach the young professional during the workday when many discussions, referrals and recommendations are taking place during this key time period.