March Madness is Heading to Your Office

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More than 1 in 4 business professionals said they plan to watch the March Madness tournament while at work this year, an Office Pulse study of white-collar workers found. Beyond the 9-5 window, 45% of professionals plan to indulge in the tournament at some point.

While the 26% of office workers who plan to watch the college basketball tournament during the workday is a sizeable chunk, it’s a significant slide from 61% last year.

Of those watching the tournament at work, they’ll watch for …

30 minutes: 46%

1-2 hours: 43%

3-5 hours: 6%

5+ hours: 2%

Bball Bonding

For many, the hype around the tournament is much more than a sporting event. It’s a bonding experience between colleagues. In fact, a third of professionals have a positive feeling about the March Madness mania at the office: 26% said it boosts morale and an additional 6% said it positively impacts productivity.

“One interesting thing that March Madness does for the office environment is help bring colleagues closer together,” according to Heather Chigas, research director at Captivate. “They want a chance to have some fun with coworkers.”

Pool Popularity

35% of white-collar workers said there’s a March Madness bracket/office pool going on in their office this year. Of that group, 61% said they’re participating in the pool (14% of which won’t even watch the games.)  

Of workers who have a company bracket going on around their office, male professionals are more likely than their female counterparts to participate in a pool. However, female professionals are still well represented:

They’ll participate

Men (68%)
Women (37%)


They’ll participate, but not watch any of the games

Men (11%)
Women (16%)


Other insights include:

    • Businesses will lose $630M from employees watching the tournament while at work
      • 33% of Millennials plan to watch during the workday
        • More men than women will watch during the workday (37% vs. 21%)
          • 3% said they had a perfect bracket, but they’re probably lying. Some say the odds are as low as 1 in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808

          How much do you plan on spending on your office pool?

          $5: 17%

          $10: 34%

          $20: 35%

          $50: 12%

          The 2018 NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament gets underway March 13 with day games starting March 15.


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