9-in-10 Professionals Unlikely to Use “Facebook at Work”


The newly launched Facebook at Work has failed to make much of a splash in the working world. In fact, just 12% of business professionals are even aware of the new business version of the social site, according to a recent Office Pulse survey of 800 workers.

To be fair, the professional networka modified version of Facebookhas not launched yet. While it has been in beta testing over the past year, Facebook at Work is expected to be formally released in the first part of 2016.

Facebook created the new tool for coworkers to communicate and collaborate in a professional environment, but so far only 10% of business professionals plan to use it. That may be partially due to the fact that Facebook.com is blocked in the office for 24% of the workforce and for a whopping 47% in the finance industry. (Thankfully, that number shrinks to 0% for us in the media industry.)

More insights include:

  • 99% already say Facebook at Work will NOT replace their personal Facebook account
  • 15% of respondents don’t even use a professional networking sit
  • 15% are Facebook friends with their boss
  • 56% are Facebook friends with their coworkers

While “Facebook at Work” is a pretty self-explanatory name, respondents took a stab at coming up with their own label. Nearly a quarter offered up the suggestion “Workbook,” 9% liked “Facebook Pro” and a surprising 3% offered up “Workface” as an unlikely suggestion.

If Mark Zuckerberg wants Facebook at Work to rival the Yammers or Slacks of the business world, he’ll take note of one respondent’s insight: “I don’t care what you had for breakfast, I want to know your conference schedule.”

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Raquel Hudson

Marketing Communications




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