Captivate Office Pulse Sees 50% Lift in Office Pool Participation as Powerball Jackpot Increases

Professionals Increase Their Chances of Winning to Pursue Dreams of Quitting

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As the Powerball jackpot has grown to an all-time high, so too have the office pools. Captivate Office Pulse, the leading provider of workplace research, surveyed 832 white-collar workers ahead of tonight’s Powerball jackpot. 45% of respondents plan to participate in an office pool before tonight’s numbers are revealed.

45% of workers plan to participate in an office pool for tonight’s Powerball jackpot. Why will they join?

To increase the odds: 54%
To be part of the team: 25%
Fear of missing out: 21%

That’s a 50% lift in office-pool participation since the jackpot reached an estimated $400 million prior to last Wednesday’s drawing. Women were slightly more likely to say they’d participate than men, and respondents age 50+ were more likely than average to be office-pool participants.

More than half of participants (54%) said they’re buying into the office pool to increase their odds of winning, while 1 in 4 want to be part of the team and 21% have a case of FOMO (fear of missing out).

“Everyone from the avid gambler to the lottery novice is willing to participate in the office pool, and that’s due to co-worker trust built during long workdays,” said Scott Marden, Chief Marketing Officer at Captivate. “Giant jackpots, in particular, allow employees who are nearing retirement or are in less-than desirable jobs to dream of quitting.”

Of the respondents who are not participating in an office pool, almost half (48%) reasoned that they’d rather win alone.

The Office Pulse survey also asked about plans to quit post-jackpot. 57% of respondents said they would quit their job if they won the Powerball jackpot. But 1 in 4 said they wouldn’t quit, while 18% were unsure. More insights include:

  • 60% of panel members age 30 or older said they would quit their job
  • 67% of middle managers would resign
  • 70% of employees in sales would quit
An estimated $1.5 billion Powerball jackpot drawing is scheduled for Wednesday, January 13 at 11pm EST.

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