Travelers Switch to Staycations Amid Pandemic

A woman is reading on a couch, surrounded by plants

If the COVID-19 pandemic threw a wrench in your travel plans this summer, you’re not alone. Staycations and hobbies are now trending in North America, as people try to fill their newly found free time.

More than three-quarters of those surveyed in an Office Pulse survey of 416 North American professionals said they either had to cancel, modify or postpone their travel plans, with 37% opting to scrap whatever plan they had.

Young people and women were more likely to have canceled them, while those over than 50 years old and men were more likely to postpone.

70% of those who modified travel plans say they had to change their destination and most weren’t looking far from home, as 41% are planning on taking a staycation, followed by in-state trips (30%).

While the pandemic has changed habits – it doesn’t necessarily mean everyone’s hunkering down in their toilet paper-filled bunkers. 29% said they’re planning ‘day trips’ this summer and 14% are planning road trips or RV travels.

Where do you plan to go on vacation this summer?

Millennials are feeling a bit more adventurous. 36% of people between the ages of 18-34 are planning to travel to other states this summer, 11 percentage points more than any other age group.

The pandemic has also shifted people’s views about traveling. More than half (55%) said they now want to travel less and 33% said they want to travel more domestically, while just 9% said they want to travel more internationally.

Hobbyists Are Gonna Hobby

Though some have pressed pause on travel, they are making the most out of their time. Nearly one-third of people surveyed said they had picked up a new hobby (or want to).


The majority of those picking up a new hobby want a bit of green in their life, as gardening is the most popular choice across the board. The second most popular option differs according to gender, with more women eyeing crafting (34%), while men most want to try a new sport (35%).

Canadians and Americans sussing out sports differ on what they want to pick up. Those north of the border are more interested in biking (83%), while those south are leaning towards running (70%).

Which sports did you or do you want to pick up?

Whether you’re taking a vacation, taking up a new hobby or just taking it easy, know that you’re not alone. This summer may be a strange one, but you can still enjoy sunny days, sweet breezes and all the ice cream you can handle no matter where you are.


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